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Enhance Your Ride

Restech has been providing the best services locally and in surrounding areas. Working with the best products in the market while maintaining affordable prices, we strive for superior quality and exceptional customer service guaranteed. No matter what vehicle you drive, we got you covered here at your local one-stop-shop!


Our Profession


We are the exclusive distributor for Everett for Rhino Linings, the consumer rated #1 spray-on truck bed liner brand. Our spray-on Rhino liner bed liner products are backed by our Nationwide Warranty Program. In addition to truck bed liners, Rhino Linings products are used as a protective coating for a variety of vehicle applications including trailers.

Window Film & Paint Protection

100% Accurate Tint & PPF Film Application - Our “micro-edge” film cut technology makes tint film application quick, flawless, and ready to apply! Faster Process = Faster Installation - Once we have your vehicle selected in our advanced software system, we simply point, click and go! Custom PPF Film Designs = We have a complete library of cool film cut designs for Tesla, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Cadillac and more including the ability to do complete car wrap film design!

Ceramic Coat
We want drivers to have the greatest quality protectant on the road to prevent unwanted heavy wear, so we use the leading brand of coating, Ceramic Pro. Detail is a very important quality for us which the outcome will be on point for both us, and the customer. We go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle will stay looking brand new for a long time!

Undercarriage Coating

Our undercoating is an industrial quality, petroleum based rust preventative sealant that protects the undercarriage of commercial and automotive vehicles and trailers. No matter where you travel, you'll be protected from the terrible grime and salts on the road once we treat your vehicle!

"They did an outstanding job on my Rhino lining. No overspray anywhere and even removed access plate on inside of tailgate and sprayed it separately to make maintenance access easier later on."
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