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RestorFX is a professional system that permanently restores automotive paint finishes through a disruptive technology.


Nothing compares to the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish.

But in reality, it rarely lasts the life of a vehicle. When a vehicle looks older and more worn than it actually is, both pride and resale value are lost. That is why RestorFX spent over a decade pioneering a revolutionary technology that would reverse the signs of fading and damage, completely restoring a paint finish to its original state. Unlike anything else in the market, RestorFX delivers showroom-quality results without the high cost of repainting.

The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System permanently repairs clear coat damage.

By design, RestorFX is different from other paint protection solutions such as paint sealants, glass coatings, ceramic coatings, waxes, shines, polishes, armor and other polymer-based coating products. While these coating solutions may help protect a vehicle’s finish—whether temporarily or longer-term, they do little to address real paint damage. The RestorFX System treats underlying clear coat issues by fully repairing and restoring damage—not just minimizing or covering it up. We offer discounts if combined with other purchase such as paint protection film, truck accessories, bedliner, undercoating, window film or Ceramic Pro.


Formulated and tested over a 15-year period to work together consistently across various climates and extreme weather conditions, RestorFX is extensively used to process thousands of vehicles monthly at hundreds of RestorFX Centers in over 45 countries. This rich collection of history, rigorous laboratory methodology and vast real-world active coverage is globally proven and unmatched to make sure your vehicle gets the best surface it can.


From our labs to your car, there really is nothing like RestorFX.

More durable at 7H than even the highest-quality manufacturer paint finish, ensuring greater protection and long-lasting results

Thicker at 9 µm than any other coating product on the market, delivering a more durable armor, longer-lasting depth and shine

Resists elements equivalent to 6–7 years of extreme UV outdoor sunlight exposure, more than any other aftermarket coating, with less than 2% change in gloss retention on all horizontal and vertical surfaces (3–4 years of equivalent exposure for FX Headlight, more than any other aftermarket headlight coating)

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