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Window Tint

When You Are Looking for Washington State’s Finest Window Tint look no further

Restech has been a family-owned and operated professional automobile firm since 2012. Located on Everett Mall Way, in Everett, Restech’s employees have been professionally trained on cutting-edge equipment to offer Everett Washington’s leading automobile film service company.

Restech offer these quality services at affordable prices – often discounted when combined with other Restech-offered services

  • Window Tint – 3M Company invented window tint and continues to offer some of the highest performing and innovative window tint options in the marketplace. In addition, Restech offers the Ceramic and FX PREMIUM WINDOW TINT packages that provides these benefits –


    • Help cool the interior

    • Help reduce glare & look sharp

    • It does not interfere with electronic signals

    • UV protection

    • Lifetime comprehensive limited lifetime warranty

Plus, these automobile services 


  • 3M Paint Protection    ​​

Have a question for one of Restech’s professional service members, or are you ready to book an appointment? Please reach out by phone (at 425-212-9895) or drop us an email or contact us online.

For updates or our special offers, follow Restech on Instagram.

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